Our promise at xeno.

When producing our xeno kitchens, we take care to use eco-friendly production methods and sustainable materials. Kitchen and home furnishings that last for a long time, as well as electrical appliances with high energy efficiency, contribute to a good environmental balance.

Before our products go into the series production, all used materials are subjected to extensive test procedures in the laboratory for a minimum service life of 15 years and are checked and certified by international, independent institutes. Because the satisfaction of our customers is the highest benchmark for us.

Quality made in Germany

As a globally active company, we think holistically and feel responsible for our employees and customers, products and production methods. Our claim is at the same time also our success factor: highest quality Made in Germany — and that in all respects. A clear direction, which our customers have appreciated for decades.

Protection and commitment

An environment worth living in needs protection and commitment. We stand up for this. Every xeno kitchen meets the strict, international quality, environmental and energy standards. Because we want to preserve our natural resources, we are environmentally certified. We deal with energy conscientiously, use timber from sustainably managed forests and are certified as being particularly eco friendly.